Prenuptial Agreements - Demand is Rising

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As more and more people are going to college and graduate school it is becoming increasingly common to wait longer to get married than in years past.  By waiting longer, and presumably acquiring more personal wealth, and debt, the demand for prenuptial agreements is rising.  Student loans, credit card debt, inheritance, start up businesses, family businesses, and high paying jobs right out of school are just a few of the financial issues one might have questions about.

Make no mistake about it, discussing a prenuptial agreement with the person you intend to marry can be a daunting task.  That is, thinking about how you might handle certain aspects of your divorce before you are married, or even engaged, can evoke a litany of completely normal emotions and questions.  One way to help manage the stress is by talking to a divorce attorney who can analyze your situation and explain whether a prenuptial agreement may be helpful or completely unnecessary. 

Before having a serious talk with you loved one, sit down and meet with a divorce attorney and explain your questions or concerns.  By taking the time to go over your case with a family law attorney you may be able to avoid the conversation all together.  Conversely, if you and your attorney determine that a prenuptial agreement is appropriate then they should be able to help you approach the situation with your loved one appropriately.  All of our consultations are confidential, so if you want to learn more about prenuptial agreements, or you have been asked to sign one, please do not hesitate to call and set up an appointment.


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