Hiring the Right Attorney

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When selecting an attorney, you should view yourself as an "employer" of sorts, who is interviewing someone (the attorney) for a job.  In an attempt to help you find the right Charlotte attorney, we have compiled the following list of attributes that we believe you should look for when interviewing different lawyers:

  • Time:  Hire an attorney who has a manageable case load.  After they learn more about your case, ask the attorney if they have the necessary time to devote to your case.  Ask them who, exactly, will be working on your case, as there may be other attorneys or paralegals from the firm involved, not solely the attorney you are interviewing.  You might want to consider hiring another attorney if you have a time sensitive issue and the one you are meeting with has a three-week trial the following week.
  • Energy:  Even if the attorney assigned to your case has the time, you should hire someone who has the energy to use that time for you on a regular basis.
  • Passionate:  Find an attorney who cares about what you are fighting for.  When you sit down for your initial consultation, take note of whether or not the attorney is engaged in what you have to say.  If he or she appears disinterested, hire someone else, period.
  • Aggressive:  Hire an attorney who is willing to stand up for you, and your cause.
  • Available:  Hire an attorney who will talk to you when you need them.
  • Smart:  You should hire an attorney who understands the issues. You will be able to tell from the feedback you receive during your initial consultation whether the attorney is well versed in the area.  An attorney who is familiar with the issues you are facing may not be able to immediately answer every question you pose, but he or she will at least give you a practical forecast of your situation and will be able to competently explain your options.  Having an attorney clearly lay out the issues in your case, explain your options in regard to each issue, and give suggestions based on the direction of the litigation will greatly ease the weight on your shoulders.
  • Communicative:  We believe it is important to hire an attorney who you get along with.  You will be communicating with this person often, and for long periods of time, so make sure your attorney is someone you will not dread having conversations with for the next several months or even years.  If there is something about an attorney's personality that does not mesh well with yours, consider hiring another attorney.
  • Trustworthy:  This one is pretty simple.  Do not work with an attorney you do not trust.  If you do not believe your lawyer will be honest with you, hire someone else.  Some attorneys will tell their clients what they want to hear but a pleasing prognosis of your case might hurt you in the long run if it is dishonest.
If you need to hire a Charlotte attorney, we would be happy to set up an initial consultation with you so that you are able to decide if you want to hire the firm.  We work diligently for our clients but you will need to determine if we are the right fit for you.


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