Domestic Violence: A Complex Issue—Simplified

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Domestic violence is unfortunately a part of life for many married, engaged, and dating couples that live together.  For countless reasons, couples often find themselves in heated arguments that end in violence against one another and, sometimes, against their children. Due to the nature of the relationship between spouses, domestic violence can be more complicated than a typical assault and battery and this forces people to ignore traditional remedies such as calling the police.  Fear, confusion, frustration, love, and embarrassment are just a few of the emotions people experience after an act of domestic violence.

Spouses convince themselves that they can handle this on their own, within their family, due to their relationship with the abuser. Unfortunately, this tactic rarely works.  Failure to report an act of domestic violence to the police or your family law attorney can lead you down a road that is treacherous and difficult to escape. The abuser frequently feels enabled and justified while the abused is left feeling helpless and alone.

If you or your children are ever in the middle of a domestic violence situation call the police immediately.  The police are trained to handle these situations appropriately and safely.  If there has been an act of domestic violence the State of North Carolina may prosecute the abuser in criminal court.  Additionally, should you decide to contact a family law attorney we may be able to help you seek a civil Domestic Violence Protection Order under North Carolina’s “Domestic Violence Act” to quickly protect you and your children.


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