Child Support Modification in a Struggling Economy

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With many businesses laying people off and watching their bottom line as closely as ever, parents and their children are feeling the effects of a difficult economy.  Divorced parents are face to face with the realization that what was an appropriate child support calculation might need to be adjusted today. This leaves parents having to make the decision to either: wait for a bad situation to get better or hire a divorce attorney to help them modify their child support requirements.

Of course, this is a two way street.  Both “payees” and “payors” are struggling right now.  If you have primary physical custody and receive child support you may have lost your job and the only money you receive on a monthly basis is child support designed to help your child or children.  On the other hand, you might be a parent who has been ordered to make child support payments and your income just took an enormous hit.  Either way, a substantial change in circumstances can mean it is time to modify your child support situation.

Assuming you are dealing with this set of circumstances, you are faced with a couple of options.  First, you can wait and hope things improve.  Second, try to modify your child support arrangement by doing the math and paperwork involved yourself.  Third, you could hire an  attorney to do it for you.  Several factors including the age of the children, the severity of the changed circumstances, the age of the previous Order and the cost of your attorney are relevant to your case.

Tackling these steps can seem daunting; however, by hiring a family law attorney it can be done properly and efficiently.  We are happy to set up an initial consultation so you can decide if hiring the firm is the right option for you.


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